Wilson Peak Residence

Wilson Peak Residence

Telluride, Colorado

Nestled in the scenic landscape of Telluride, Colorado, this residence harmoniously blends with its natural surroundings, leaving a minimal impact on the land.

Sited into an aspen-filled hillside, the home fosters an innate connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Its green roof, planted with native grass, effortlessly merges into the hillside in harmonious union with the natural landscape.

Careful consideration is given to elevation and overhangs, ensuring that the home accounts for the natural variations in terrain while maximizing the influx of natural light and the high-performance envelope.

The design thoughtfully opens to panoramic views of iconic Mt. Wilson, Wilson Peak, and neighboring meadows, always present in the living space. The home is perfectly oriented to capture southern light during the winter months at its elevated location of 9,000 feet.

Throughout the public and private spaces of the home, every experience forges a connection with the outdoors. A captivating stair volume includes a large picture window and bench framing views of vistas, creating a moment of pause and reflection.

The primary suite is artfully separated from the main home. With a bath overlooking a serene aspen meadow complemented by a patio with a hot tub, the suite offers a private sanctuary to immerse in nature’s beauty.

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