Horizon House

Horizon House


"After all, the work isn't the point, the piece is ... Design has to work. Art does not." - Donald Judd

Horizon is a home and gallery for five pieces of abstract art by canonical American artists. Sited atop a mesa on the Colorado plains, the house marks a line in an almost scale-less environment. In plan, the line indicates an east-to-west vector, offering an indication of global condition. In section, it defines level against which the topography of the landscape is revealed.

The line—rendered as a cast concrete wall—marks the automobile entry and extends the house precinct enough to interact with the scale of the landscape. The inhabited length of the line, bordered by concrete and glass, houses two distinct tempered pavilions: one a guest quarters and the other for the homeowner.

Within the pavilions, specific spaces are dedicated to each of the five pieces of art. The house structure is a background for the art and the horizon view south of the wall. Taking inspiration from the silent, stoic concrete sculptures of Donald Judd, the structure of the line stands sentinel in the landscape. The line extends, broken and yet unbroken as the mind’s eye is led to the horizon.

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