Vergence House

Vergence House

Boulder, Colorado

Vergence house demonstrates that sustainable living and luxury can coexist. It reflects the intimate connection between residents and their surroundings.

This distinctive home offers a different way of perceiving light, air, views, and making of place. The house is designed for a family of four and provides a sense of awe and belonging. The house supports rest, work, and play while producing its power and protein through an advanced aquaculture system integrated into the lower level of the home. Created to resemble stone-like origami, the home leverages the sun and the earth's thermal mass to regulate temperature and power. The innovative modern architectural design forms, a resolution of function and land use code honors the historic neighborhood through massing, siting, and scale. Built to last centuries from limestone, basalt, and Accoya wood, the home presents an alternative typology to the making of place. It is less concerned with its physical neighbors than with the surrounding geography. Craft is rigorously chased at various scales, from the whole to shadow lines in the siding to the design of the bathroom sink and custom furniture. The interior palette is cohesive, amplifying acoustic and visual calm. Bedrooms of unexpected proportion provide privacy, while the living room, stairs, and roof deck connect exceptionally to nature and invite the spirit to soar.

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Awards and Publications

5280 Magazine, Top Denver Home Design Award, 2023

Modern in Denver 2022
AIA Award 2022



"I am continually intrigued by the design of this home and how it allows us to reflect upon our innate connection to nature. The home continues to reveal natural phenomena of Boulder to us." 

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