Taylor Mountain

Taylor Mountain


Sited at a fold in the landscape, marked by a change in ground slope, a boulder-strewn hillside meets a gentler incline south of Castle Rock, Colorado, this house celebrates the spirit of its place.

Perched on a forested hillside, the aerie’s elongated, boxy shape was designed to capture west-facing mountain views in as many rooms as possible. Deep overhangs and slat siding on the southwest end provide shade from intense summer sun. It is anchored to the site by cast concrete walls and a double-height glass-and-wood pavilion. The latter lends sense of being out-of-doors while the former provides secure shelter in this highly energy-efficient home. The building footprint was carefully mapped within the forest of pine and scrub oak in order to protect the existing old-growth trees. This careful siting also allowed balancing long western views with more intimate, privileged outdoor rooms against the steep hillside to the east. Carefully proportioned overhangs and a syncopated pattern of cedar columns modulate sun exposure and heat gain throughout the seasons.

The home, the first modern dwelling welcomed by the neighborhood HOA, is clad in durable, low-maintenance materials: weathering steel and board-formed concrete that naturally age, gaining patinas in harmony with the pine bark and stone of the site. Nestled against its hillside site and open to nature, the house provides a backdrop for the family to spend their time enjoying the site and a sympathetic framework for their collection of contemporary art.

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“The home has a bit of a museum quality to it, like a jewel box.” - Client

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