Headshot of James Trewitt

James Trewitt


As the firm’s managing principal, James is responsible for resources and Arch11’s day to day operations. He understands architecture as an act of making forms and spaces that are specific to the places in which they exists and for the people whose lives they impact daily.

James’ childhood was spent on the Aerospace bases of California and Florida. His appreciation of modernism was born from close observation of space age hardware and the very utilitarian buildings that provided physical support for project missions. He began his formal architectural education during a decade working in the building trades making a living as a carpenter, boat builder, pool builder and furniture maker. James holds an undergraduate degree in construction technology, a professional degree in architecture and a post professional degree in architectural design. While studying these disciplines, he complimented his education with studies in literature, history and philosophy.

In addition to his work with Arch11, James taught drawing from 1987-90 at the University of Arkansas – Little Rock and Louisiana Tech University; and Architectural Design and Furniture Design from 1991-97 at the University of Colorado, College of Architecture and Planning. He is a 1989 recipient of the Alpha Rho Chi Medal for leadership and service and a 1992 Emerging Impressions Award winner from the AIA.